The Visualization Package.

geomstats.visualization.plot(points, ax=None, space=None, coords_type=None, **point_draw_kwargs)[source]#

Plot points in one of the implemented manifolds.

The implemented manifolds are:

  • the special orthogonal group SO(3)

  • the special Euclidean group SE(3)

  • the circle S1 and the sphere S2

  • the hyperbolic plane (the Poincare disk, the Poincare half plane and the Klein disk)

  • the Poincare polydisk

  • the Kendall shape space of 2D triangles

  • the Kendall shape space of 3D triangles

  • points (array-like, shape=[…, dim]) – Points to be plotted.

  • space (str, optional, {‘SO3_GROUP’, ‘SE3_GROUP’, ‘S1’, ‘S2’,) – ‘H2_poincare_disk’, ‘H2_poincare_half_plane’, ‘H2_klein_disk’, ‘poincare_polydisk’, ‘S32’, ‘M32’, ‘S33’, ‘M33’, ‘SPD2’}

  • coords_type (str, optional, {‘extrinsic’, ‘ball’, ‘half-space’, ‘pre-shape’})


Configure style for matplotlib tutorial.