Source code for geomstats.visualization

"""The Visualization Package."""

import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D  # NOQA

import geomstats.backend as gs
from geomstats.visualization.hyperbolic import (
from geomstats.visualization.hypersphere import Circle, Sphere
from geomstats.visualization.poincare_polydisk import PoincarePolyDisk
from geomstats.visualization.pre_shape import KendallDisk, KendallSphere
from geomstats.visualization.spd_matrices import Ellipses
from geomstats.visualization.special_euclidean import SpecialEuclidean2
from geomstats.visualization.special_orthogonal import (

AX_SCALE = 1.2


[docs] def tutorial_matplotlib(): """Configure style for matplotlib tutorial.""" fontsize = 12 matplotlib.rc("font", size=fontsize) matplotlib.rc("text") matplotlib.rc("legend", fontsize=fontsize) matplotlib.rc("axes", titlesize=21, labelsize=14) matplotlib.rc( "font", family="times", serif=["Computer Modern Roman"], monospace=["Computer Modern Typewriter"], )
[docs] def plot(points, ax=None, space=None, coords_type=None, **point_draw_kwargs): """Plot points in one of the implemented manifolds. The implemented manifolds are: - the special orthogonal group SO(3) - the special Euclidean group SE(3) - the circle S1 and the sphere S2 - the hyperbolic plane (the Poincare disk, the Poincare half plane and the Klein disk) - the Poincare polydisk - the Kendall shape space of 2D triangles - the Kendall shape space of 3D triangles Parameters ---------- points : array-like, shape=[..., dim] Points to be plotted. space: str, optional, {'SO3_GROUP', 'SE3_GROUP', 'S1', 'S2', 'H2_poincare_disk', 'H2_poincare_half_plane', 'H2_klein_disk', 'poincare_polydisk', 'S32', 'M32', 'S33', 'M33', 'SPD2'} coords_type: str, optional, {'extrinsic', 'ball', 'half-space', 'pre-shape'} """ if space not in IMPLEMENTED: raise NotImplementedError( "The plot function is not implemented" " for space {}. The spaces available for visualization" " are: {}.".format(space, IMPLEMENTED) ) if points is None: raise ValueError("No points given for plotting.") if points.ndim < 2: points = gs.expand_dims(points, 0) if space in ("SO3_GROUP", "SE3_GROUP"): if ax is None: ax = plt.subplot(111, projection="3d") if space == "SE3_GROUP": ax_s = AX_SCALE * gs.amax(gs.abs(points[:, 3:6])) elif space == "SO3_GROUP": ax_s = AX_SCALE * gs.amax(gs.abs(points[:, :3])) ax_s = float(ax_s) bounds = (-ax_s, ax_s) plt.setp( ax, xlim=bounds, ylim=bounds, zlim=bounds, xlabel="X", ylabel="Y", zlabel="Z", ) trihedrons = convert_to_trihedron(points, space=space) for t in trihedrons: t.draw(ax, **point_draw_kwargs) elif space == "S1": circle = Circle() ax = circle.set_ax(ax=ax) circle.add_points(points) circle.draw(ax, **point_draw_kwargs) elif space == "S2": sphere = Sphere() ax = sphere.set_ax(ax=ax) sphere.add_points(points) sphere.draw(ax, **point_draw_kwargs) elif space == "H2_poincare_disk": if coords_type is None: coords_type = "extrinsic" poincare_disk = PoincareDisk(coords_type=coords_type) ax = poincare_disk.set_ax(ax=ax) poincare_disk.add_points(points) poincare_disk.draw(ax, **point_draw_kwargs) plt.axis("off") elif space == "poincare_polydisk": if coords_type is None: coords_type = "extrinsic" n_disks = points.shape[1] poincare_poly_disk = PoincarePolyDisk(coords_type=coords_type, n_disks=n_disks) n_columns = int(gs.ceil(n_disks**0.5)) n_rows = int(gs.ceil(n_disks / n_columns)) axis_list = [] for i_disk in range(n_disks): axis_list.append(ax.add_subplot(n_rows, n_columns, i_disk + 1)) for i_disk, one_ax in enumerate(axis_list): ax = poincare_poly_disk.set_ax(ax=one_ax) poincare_poly_disk.clear_points() poincare_poly_disk.add_points(points[:, i_disk, ...]) poincare_poly_disk.draw(ax, **point_draw_kwargs) elif space == "H2_poincare_half_plane": if coords_type is None: coords_type = "half-space" poincare_half_plane = PoincareHalfPlane(coords_type=coords_type) ax = poincare_half_plane.set_ax(ax=ax) poincare_half_plane.add_points(points) poincare_half_plane.draw(ax, **point_draw_kwargs) elif space == "H2_klein_disk": klein_disk = KleinDisk() ax = klein_disk.set_ax(ax=ax) klein_disk.add_points(points) klein_disk.draw(ax, **point_draw_kwargs) elif space == "SE2_GROUP": plane = SpecialEuclidean2() ax = plane.set_ax(ax=ax) plane.add_points(points) plane.draw_points(ax, **point_draw_kwargs) elif space == "S32": sphere = KendallSphere() sphere.add_points(points) sphere.draw() sphere.draw_points() ax = elif space == "M32": sphere = KendallSphere(coords_type="extrinsic") sphere.add_points(points) sphere.draw() sphere.draw_points() ax = elif space == "S33": disk = KendallDisk() disk.add_points(points) disk.draw() disk.draw_points() ax = elif space == "M33": disk = KendallDisk(coords_type="extrinsic") disk.add_points(points) disk.draw() disk.draw_points() ax = elif space == "SPD2": ellipses = Ellipses() ellipses.draw_points(points=points) return ax